NodeBB v0.0.7 Released!

NodeBB is proud to announce the release of development version 0.0.7 for general consumption! This is a major milestone for the NodeBB team, as it includes many new features and bug fixes. We have taken many feature requests into consideration, and are working towards implementing them in future versions.

This is NodeBB’s biggest release yet, as the changes from v0.0.6 to v0.0.7 are quite substantial.

v0.0.7 will likely be the final development release before NodeBB switches to a more standardised release schedule, starting with v0.1.0.

Among the many changes:

  • Bootstrap 3 integration
  • Better chat module
  • Introduction of new plugins for markdown parsing and username mentions
  • Redis optimizations
  • Security fixes

For the complete changelog, please take a look at the version history

Check out NodeBB in action here!



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